About Us

The finest strain of America's best popcorn seed is specially selected from Indiana and imported into South Africa by BIGGI BRANDS (PTY) LTD.

This seed is grown in the rich soils along the Orange river, the water used to irrigate the crop from this diamond rich river helps to produce the most magnificent gems of popcorn in the world.

These gems are then processed in modern facilities and shipped to the four corners of the world as BIGGI, the brand to be devoured and relished by the most discerning connoisseurs and lovers of popcorn.

Constant innovation and research with new cultivars keep the quality of our popcorn the finest in the world.

BIGGI can therefore give you superior popcorn, superior in flavour, colour and popping capability.

Working in harmony with the soil, sun and natural elements, the expert personnel at BIGGI use strict conservation practices, combined with a natural, untainted growing environment assuring the very best in popcorn.

From being harvested in the field, thru/(through) the processing plant and bagging procedure, to being packed in the container on the vessel, BIGGI ensures that only our competent and expert personnel handle the popcorn.

Every care is taken and nothing is left to chance, that is why BIGGI popcorn is definitely the best in the world.

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